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No Steering Zone

He's a guy willing to hold the hand of shops to get them over this difficult mountain.

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COMFORTMarketing© is about paying attention to every Point of Contact you have with your customer.

How Much Does My Anti-Steering Fix Cost?

One Mississippi This is about all the time it takes for an accident to occur.

If You Ask Them They will tell you they established strong market awareness and had a good rate of return on the business and marketing relationship we created.

Brief Biography of Tom Hughes

Welcome To
The No Steering Zone

I HAVE THE FIX and I have
helped Independent Shop Owners since 1993.

Thomas A. Hughes

Do you have a customer awareness program in place for your collision repair shop or auto glass shop that gives the vehicle owner the chance/choice of calling you first?

If not, let me ask you this ... How's that working for you?

A Customer Awareness Program or CAP is what gives the vehicle owner
the chance/choice of calling you first.

Without a C.A.P. the vehicle owner will never call you and you will never get the job.

Without a C.A.P. you give the insurance companies the upper hand.

Without a C.A.P. you...yes, the Independent Shop Owner, and not the insurance companies, take away the vehicle owner's right to choose because without you they remain unaware of their options.

Remember...the BEST chance, and some would argue the ONLY chance you have to get a damaged vehicle into your shop is by giving the owner the CHANCE to call you first.

And the only way the vehicle owner can give you that CHANCE is by you having a

The question is no longer "Can I afford one?" The question becomes, "How long can I afford not to have one?"

"Tom Hughes, the marketing genius behind the enormous success of a locally owned independent collision repair shop in Columbus, Ohio back in the early 90s, has been creating a new marketing weapon geared specifically to shops that are steered against. He is really making a mission of helping shops through this tough time.  

The unique thing is that the marketing effort is geared ONLY to shops who suffer from steering.  Nobody else, that I know of, skilled or unskilled is writing commercials and pumping out marketing specific to
this problem. 

I know Tom personally and he is a good guy with a vast amount of knowledge. He's a guy willing to hold the hand of shops to get them over this difficult mountain.  He has free stuff and some premium stuff - something for every size shop wherever they find themselves in this war.  Shops need to know about this."
- David Williams,

"We wouldn't be as succesful today without the help of Tom Hughes, no ifs ands or buts about it"
- Mike Berounsky Jr.,

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