Welcome to the
No Steering Zone

He's a guy willing to hold the hand of shops to get them over this difficult mountain.

Getting Started is easy and it cost nothing! Join our group to help stop steering.

When You Can't Win The Battle - Shift The Battlefield

COMFORTMarketing© is about paying attention to every Point of Contact you have with your customer.

How Much Does My Anti-Steering Fix Cost? My FEE is the same amount I have always charged my clients.

One Mississippi This is about all the time it takes for an accident to occur.

If You Ask Them They will tell you they established strong market awareness and had a good rate of return on the business and marketing relationship we created.

Brief Biography of Tom Hughes

When You Can't Win The Battle . . .
Shift The Battlefield!

Welcome To      

The NO Steering Zone
Marketing Fix

Any of this look familiar?

Insurance companies and direct repair or network shops make stuff up about you and your business, and tell it to their customers everyday. Their carefully crafted word tracks include statements like:

Don't Kid Yourself

Give the insurance companies the chance to steal your business and destroy your reputation and they will.
The NO Steering Zone Marketing Fix is a commitment you make to your business and to your marketplace. You will want to be relentless and expose  insurance companies and their contract shops for what they
truly are.

This is why I have two outstanding and proven marketing weapons for you:

1. RADIO COMMERCIALS.A library of time-tested and proven one-minute radio commercials, chosen by shop owners just like you.

2. COMFORTMarketing A set of common sense behaviors and practices that neither insurers or direct repair or glass network shops have any interest in or desire to perform.

The Clock Is Ticking


Radio can put money into a company's pocket quicker, because radio
is the most immediate way to change consumer habits and practices."
-John Lyons, Advertising from the Inside Out"

Marketing Axiom #1
People buy things from people they feel they know

Marketing Axiom #2
Awareness creates preference, preference is what drives an increase in sales.


a.) The best time to talk to someone about their car
is when they are in their car.

b.) Radio builds a solid one to one "intimate" bridge
between you and the listener at a very efficient cost.

c.) Hearing you on radio gives people a feeling of confidence and trust,
and in time, they gain a sense of already knowing you.

This is a buyer's market.
I'm able to negotiate outstanding rates anywhere.

Download FREE commercial titled Cheapest Way Body Shop.
This is my One-Minute Auto Body Shop commercial parody and website that has become one of the most popular industry downloads over the last decade.