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COMFORTMarketing© is about paying attention to every Point of Contact you have with your customer.

How Much Does My Anti-Steering Fix Cost? My FEE is the same amount I have always charged my clients.

One Mississippi This is about all the time it takes for an accident to occur.

If You Ask Them They will tell you they established strong market awareness and had a good rate of return on the business and marketing relationship we created.

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COMFORTMarketing© is all about relieving, easing and calming as well as reassuring and supporting people who have to process a traumatic situation they are most likely very unfamiliar with. It is also about paying attention to every point of contact you have with your customer, because those points of contact with the prospect are what helped them decide whether or not you got their business. So, which points were they? They will most likely vary from customer to customer. So pay attention. Leave it to chance and your competition benefits.

1. - WELCOME: Your greeting needs to relieve and reassure your customer they"ve made the right choice and come to the right place. By the way, this includes when a person enters your business by way of the telephone or internet.

2. - APPEARANCE: Your facility and the space around must reflect a calming and relaxing feeling.

3. - ATTIRE: You and your staff need to always project a confident, professional look.

4. NEATNESS: Sloppiness can create tension and rattle a person"s confidence, and can carry over into other parts of your business.

5. - BE POLITE AND RESPECTFUL: Remember, everything you do needs to send a calming, assuring, confident message. Providing a comfortable environment can create the emotional climate you want, rather than leave it to chance.

6. - RELATING: Everyone wants to be related to in ways that make them feel comfortable. The "world" of collision repair and windshield replacement is a world that most people are not exposed to very often.  Comforting behavior allows you to ease in to relating on their terms and adapting to their pace and focus.

7. - SENSITIVITY: People are most receptive when they are physically and mentally at ease. Try to arrange all customer contact at their convenience.

8. - CHARACTER: is defined as "doing the right thing even when no one is looking."

9. - VALUES: are the principles, standards and ethics by which you do business.

10. - DECENCY: Doing good and being good inspires trust.

11. - TRUST: is earned, not given. Earn a person"s trust and it gives you the chance to provide your service and support as simple, straightforward and effortless. Professional service providers sell a promise. Trust isn"t about making promises; it"s about keeping them.

12. - REPUTATION: At the end of the day it is yours to gain or lose.

13. - HAPPY CUSTOMERS: Your best long-term marketing ally. Your-word-of-mouth campaign. A happy customer doesn"t want to go anywhere else and a happy customer will always give you a good recommendation.

14. - THE VALUE of COMFORTMarketing©
- Positions your business by your actions and behavior
- Bonds strategically, logically and emotionally in all aspects of your business.
- Improves production efficiency.
- Controls your image
- Controls your reputation
- Captures your market"s attention and keeps it.
- Re-positions your competition.
- Is your best chance to give each customer the feeling they need to reduce the chance of them going anywhere else.

15. - THE POWER OF CONSISTENCY: Are you stopping short of the finish line? Consistency is the difference between failure and success. Here's why ...

Most people who are in the business of providing a service, such as auto body and auto glass, think that their clients are buying expertise.

Most people can't really evaluate expertise; or recognize a quality collision repair or windshield replacement from a bad one. But, people are really good at knowing if you return their calls and if you made them feel like they matter.

So, if they can leave your office believing that the way they feel they can only get from you, then your competitors are left with just two chances of ever taking that client away - SLIM and NONE.

Feeling IS Believing©