Welcome to the
No Steering Zone

He's a guy willing to hold the hand of shops to get them over this difficult mountain.

Getting Started is easy and it cost nothing! Join our group to help stop steering.

When You Can't Win The Battle - Shift The Battlefield

COMFORTMarketing© is about paying attention to every Point of Contact you have with your customer.

How Much Does My Anti-Steering Fix Cost? My FEE is the same amount I have always charged my clients.

One Mississippi This is about all the time it takes for an accident to occur.

If You Ask Them They will tell you they established strong market awareness and had a good rate of return on the business and marketing relationship we created.

Brief Biography of Tom Hughes

The NO Steering Zone
Marketing Fix

How Much Does It Cost?

$250.00 for a new radio script each month. (Plan on 9 per year)   **LIST**

The cost of airtime on one, two or three of your markets' top radio stations (This depends on what you can budget)

As your agency of record, I will negotiate the best possible rates for your radio commercials on the radio station(s) and place your commercials on those that best reach your target customer.

This service is FREE to you because the radio station(s) pays for it.

Value Added

  • I am available 24/7
  • Access to auto body and auto glass shop owners who have worked with me and can help answer your business questions.
  • The use of COMFORTMarketing principals and practices
  • A weekly COMFORTMarketing Tip

My Agreement

The HUGHESAdvertising agreement is a simple "handshake" deal in writing. You and I choose to work together with the common goal of creating and managing a successful on-going Anti-Steering message for you and your shop.

There is NO FINE PRINT, because I believe there is never anything good in fine print.

If either of us chooses to move on, out of courtesy and respect we give the other person a written 30-day resignation notice.

Jim Potts, of Jim Potts' Auto Glass, Lubbock, Texas Member since 2001

Tom helps customers get set up right away with the right radio commercials and the right stations for them to be heard on. he also knows how to get really good air time rates (more of an overall thing and not just
ad copy).

"Also he had me take a closer look at everything I did, including Yellow Pages and even how we answered the phone. He designed my logo and helped shape my overall image in the market. One thing about Tom is he's great to bounce ideas off of, he doesn't waste time and he has helped me from the very first time I talked
with him."

Jim invites you to call him at 806.765.7877 check out his website at www.jimpottsautoglass.com