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He's a guy willing to hold the hand of shops to get them over this difficult mountain.

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When You Can't Win The Battle - Shift The Battlefield

COMFORTMarketing© is about paying attention to every Point of Contact you have with your customer.

How Much Does My Anti-Steering Fix Cost? My FEE is the same amount I have always charged my clients.

One Mississippi This is about all the time it takes for an accident to occur.

If You Ask Them They will tell you they established strong market awareness and had a good rate of return on the business and marketing relationship we created.

Brief Biography of Tom Hughes

What Shop Owners Say

"I started out with Hughes Advertising in 2001 on the advice of Donovan Trana (past IGA President and inventor of the Express Knife). I have been with him ever since. I can't say enough good things about his abilities. He has a knack of knowing when and what to say in his ads and I never stop hearing good comments on them from customers. If you want to build your business, sign on with Tom Hughes. It will not happen overnight it's a long term program but you will see results almost right away. I'm going through the same thing that every other glass business is right now and this program will bring in business. Call anytime with questions."

Jim Potts, Jim Potts Auto Glass LLC,
2204 Ave J, Lubbock, Tx 79411, 806 765-7877.

"I can't say enough about Tom. He is a very sincere person who has helped me a great deal. His program hasn't solved all of Ben's Auto Body's problems (getting paid for every procedure we perform that is needed to put a vehicle back to pre-accident condition), but it is certainly one giant step in the right direction. The phone call I made to Tom was one of the best investments Ben's Auto Body has ever made."

Mike Berounsky, Jr./BEN'S AUTO BODY

"Tom Hughes has a unique understanding about marketing in the auto glass and collision repair industries, focusing on quality, safety, and pre-loss education issues for the true consumer of such products: The car owner.

With pricing pressures by insurers on repair shops insisting that repairers view the insurer as the consumer, while lending no attention to quality of repairs or the quality of parts and materials used, Tom's marketing approach fundamentally targets and educates all consumers, while teaching the shop how to stand out in their market place and set themselves apart from their competition with dedication to quality, safety, and customer service.

It not only educates consumers about quality and safety and service, but teaches the repairer how to deliver exceptional customer attention and service that has become a distant memory in today's 'disposable' mentality of customer service, further setting a repairer apart and above their competition."

Mark Rizzi, owner - ACR GLASS
Alliance, NEBRASKA

"The Direct Repair Programs, (DRP) scenario isn't going away today, but here is something for independent shops to consider!

Many of my friends and colleagues have been giving me glowing reports of how the Hughes Advertising program is working for them. These are shops that choose to remain independent and market directly to vehicle owners. Instead of wringing our hands and beating this DRP subject into the ground, perhaps this could prove to be a very effective tool against your DRP competitors."

Pam Pierson